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Weight-Training Sports Medicine Education

Learn from the best in the world on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of weight-training injuries. Plus cutting edge information on nutrition, supplements and hormones.

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Weight-Training Sports Medicine Business

One of the hardest things of running a business is how to get new clients. Learn specific strategies on how to work with other SWIS Health and Fitness professionals through referrals.

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SWIS Seminars, Networking and Community

Become the "Go to Person" in your area for specific weight-training injuries and dysfunctions. Learn new techniques and rehab protocols from other SWIS members and SWIS Symposium Presenters.

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Exercise Muscle Testing Certification

Learn how to muscle test 40 common weight training exercises to determine if that muscle is functional enough for that exercise, and the rehab exercises to help make it functional. You will also learn the 40 Isometric Agonist Antagonist Exercises (IAAE) to rehab the weaknesses and lack of range of motion. You will also learn Energetic Rehabilitation and how to do a Nutritional Physical.This is the base foundation for the exciting new field of Weight Training Sports Medicine.

SWIS 2020 - October 2-3-4

Come to the Best Symposium in the World with over 70 of the Top Strength Coaches, Doctors, Therapists, Nutritionists and Personal Trainers.

SWIS Exercise Muscle Testing Certification


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