Society Of Weight-Training Injury Specialists

SWIS - Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists Focuses on the New Field of Weight-Training Sports Medicine.

This is Through Proper Weight-Training Technique, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Nutrition.

It is a Community of Likeminded Health and Fitness Professionals such as Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Kinesiologists, PhD's, Osteopaths, and Nutritionists. Its is also a Community of Weight-Training Athletes such as Powerlifters, Olympic Lifters, Bodybuilders, Physique, Figure and Bikini Athletes.


With all the issues that have happened in the past two years, its time for us to get together personally live and also online at the same time. Dr. Ken Kinakin has spent the past 6 months converting his garage into a gym/treatment/rehab/lab/library where he can do small seminars and get togethers and online meetings. On January 27 at 7:00 pm anyone is invited to come over for a MeetUp which is an informal get together where we can meet in person, chat, share ideas and also be part of some thought experiments and testing. Dr. Kinakin will also be discussing some of the technology he uses and also some new ideas he is working on. You can also peruse his library of about 1000 books to find information and books that will help you with your profession. So if you want to come out on Thursday January 27 at 7:00 pm EST, please click the button below. I can only accept 15 people as my garage is not that big. I will also be streaming this online for people who are out of town but would like to be part of it. I will be doing these periodically as I think its important to rebuild and re-innovate our health and fitness businesses. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday night. Click the button below to register. 

SWIS Health And Fitness Survival Alliance

This is the start of the SWIS Health And Fitness Survival Alliance. Due to all the challenges that have occurred in 2020 with all the gyms being shut down or restricted access and personal trainers and strength coaches unable to work properly in person with their clients, I have decided to create a like minded community with health professionals to help the fitness industry. I will be working with personal trainers and strength coaches on different levels to help them work with health professionals, especially the chiropractors since that is my profession and network. Other health professionals will be joining me and together we will help put together a system to refer and network to the personal trainers and strength coaches to help them through these difficult times. You will have access to videos, audios, articles and webinars and zoom calls to help define your niche so health professionals can refer to you. Membership is Free

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SWIS Performance Membership - FREE

The SWIS Performance Membership is for Weight Training Athletes like Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Olympic Lifters or athletes in different sports that use weight training to improve strength and conditioning. There are videos, audios, articles, forms that are educational for any weight training athlete or personal trainer or strength coach. Its free to sign up and you will get immediate access to information that is continually updated.

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SWIS Professional Membership

The SWIS Professional Membership is for Advanced Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Osteopaths and Nutritionists. The Professional Membership will have advanced information for the treatment and rehabilitation of weight training injuries plus clinical nutrition.You will have access to videos, audios, articles, plus monthly webinars. The SWIS Professional Membership is $99.00 Canadian a year.

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SWIS Video Flix

Online Streaming Videos Of Weight-Training, Nutrition, Treatment and Rehab From The Best in the World.

Free One Week Trial

Sign up and try the site for a week. Watch as many videos as you want. If you like it and want to see more, then do nothing, and you will automatically be billed $7.98 each month...Same as Netflix... Or cancel anytime... No Commitments.

SWIS Video Flix is a collection of hundreds different video presentations from SWIS 1999 to SWIS 2018. Each video is 60-90 minutes long on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of weight-training injuries. It is also a collection of presentations on increasing strength and athletic development and also specific nutritional protocols.

The SWIS Video Flix library is broken into 6 main categories with 40 subcategories.
1. Weight-Training Sports
2. Weight-Training Principles
3. Sport Specific Training
4. Treatment Techniques
5. Rehabilitation
6. Nutrition

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